Bigg Boss is one of the most entertaining and loved reality shows of India. The new season of the show has kickstarted in full swing and people are already going crazy with the show. Bigg Boss and controversies goes hand-in-hand and to add more to it, the makers have added more fun and twist on the show by adding a foreign contestant in the show.

So, in this article, we decided to look back on the previous season and bring you a list of all the foreign contestants who were a part of the show, have a look :


1. Pamela Anderson :


Pamela Anderson set the screens on fire when she entered the house of Bigg Boss in season 4. Pamela entered the house looking stunning in a saree. She gained a huge fan following in a short span during her stay on the show and left everyone craving for more.

2. Hazel Keech :

Although, Hazel is now living in India and is married to Yuvraj Singh but before that, she has worked with Salman Khan in the movie Bodyguard and she belonged from London. People loved her performance in the Bigg Boss house in season 6.

3. Jade Goody :

Jade once appeared on the Big Brother show where Shilpa Shetty was also a part of the show. She was famous for all the wrong reasons, for bullying Shilpa Shetty on the show. Later she became a part of the Bigg Boss house in season 2, which was hosted by Shilpa Shetty. However, she gained sympathy from everyone when the news of her suffering from cancer came out.

4. Claudia Ciesla :

Claudia Ciesla , a Polish-German model became the main highlight of the show after her sizzling pool act. After the show, she did Akshay Kumar’s song Balma from the movie Khiladi 786.

5. Andrew Symonds :

The Australian cricketer, Andrew Symonds earned a huge fan following with Bigg Boss season 5. He made headlines and created a huge controversy with monkeygate scandal. However, he turned out to be everyone’s favorite in the show.

6. Vida Samadzai  :

Vida Samadzai, former Miss Afghanistan was everyone’s favorite in the show, she struck a cord with the audience and bonded well with all the contestants.

7. Elli Avram :

Swedish-Greek actress turned Bollywood actress and host, Ellie AvrRam was a part of Bigg Boss house in season 7 and became a sensational hit among the audience.

8. Begum Nawazish Ali aka Ali Saleem :

The Pakistani actor, Begum Nawazish Ali became the highlight of the show since the actor could cross-dress as a woman. This added a lot of spice and twist to the season 4.

9. Sofia Hayat :

Sofia Hayat, the sexy London-based Bangladeshi model-actress is always seen creating headlines normally as well. Inside the house she was a bomb  of season 7. She grabbed a lot of attention when she made her private revelations.

10. Sunny Leone :

The adult-star actress turned Bollywood actress became everyone’s favorite in the show. Her pole dance gained her a lot of attention in the season 5. The show also landed her first Bollywood movie and then there was no turning back.

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