Shraddha Kapoor Posted A Picture Of Indian Army And Got Trolled By Twitterati. Not Her Mistake


If you are a celebrity and an active social media user , everyone plays critic against you on twitter . Twitterati find everything funny or offensive , from wrong use of grammar to a fashion blooper. Trolls turn out to be extremely scrutinous, sarcastic, personal and dark especially against celebrities on twitter.

The main motive behind the troll attacks build up mostly against celebs as they are public figures and any public figure is expected to be responsible with the content they share.

Besides the troll army also get a big viewership for an attack jibed against celebrities. Its high time for celebs to get their facts and figures right to avoid embarrassments .

Shraddha Kapoor’s recent tweet faced a troll attack almost instantly after posting it. She tweeted two photos, which she claimed to be of Indian Army withstanding harsh cold weather conditions in Siachen Glacier to protect the country.

She tried to be respectful towards the Indian Army for their survival powers and dedication for protecting the nation . She captioned it as “They freeze to make sure that we are warm. They protect to make sure that we feel safe. Can never thank you jawans enough”.

However, things go wrong quite often and in this case , the photos turned out to be fake as they are of Russian Army. Though her intentions were good and true enough, she got roasted immediately after posting it.

The first troll were shun upon by a website account in twitter called SM Hoax Slayer. They instantly tweeted “Good thought.

We all agree but, this particular photo is of Russian Army. We are already proud of our soldiers, don’t need fake ones to escalate our respect”. This post quickly got attention and the troll army in twitter came out fully equipped almost in no time.

Shraddha Kapoor is recently working for a film called ‘Sahoo’. It is a Neil Nitin Mukesh film with south Indian actor Prabhas as the opposite lead role. The movie will initially be released in Telugu and Hindi.

Later, it will be dubbed into Malayalam and other languages. She has signed also for a film which will be based on the life of Saina Nehwal.

The film is intended to be Saina’s biopic and Shraddha Kapoor is consciously taking lessons in badminton for the role.  With all hits in pocket from 2017 , let us wish her all the best for 2018.

See how twitterati reacted: