Pakistani Girl Asked Shashi Tharoor About Kashmir And He Gave A Mouth-Shutting Reply


Shashi Tharoor is different from a regular politician. The former diplomat and current member of Parliament represents the modern Indian.


He is known for his intellectual debates in domestic and international platforms and whenever anyone asks him a controversial question, he gives a brilliant answer.

In a debate in the Oxford Union, he claimed that British Raj has destroyed the Indian economy. He supported his claims with facts.

According to him, the British owe India an apology for colonizing the country and reducing the economy to just 3% of the world GDP after 200 years of exploitations.

Recently Tharoor went to visit few US universities for the launch of his new book Inglorious Empire. He had to face a question of a Pakistani woman during the question and answer session.

He was asked that India should be called an ‘inglorious empire’ for occupying Kashmir despite the wishes of some Kashmir residents who want to live in a separate free country.

Tharoor, being an eloquent speaker, explained the history and cause of partition to the lady. He explained how Pakistan originated due the futile thought process of making a country based on religion while Indian nationalist movement rejected that idea.

Indian leaders made sure that despite differences in cast, creed or ideals everyone can stay in India peacefully.

Ground rules are set according to which people can debate their issues and if there is a separatist movement in any part of the country, it is dealt both politically and by enforcing law and order.

Pakistan on the other hand sympathizes with the concept of one nation, one religion forcing everyone to comply it without any debate.

She asked: “How long will we keep on talking about Kashmir and keep this as a bone of contention?”

To which Shashi Tharoor replied, “I am not, you are!”

“Pakistan is created as a result of one party wanting a state for people of a particular religion. Now, the Indian Nationalist Movement never bought into that logic. It always claimed to be a movement of every faith, every religion, every caste, every language, every colour and so on,” Mr. Shashi Tharoor added. 

Mr. Tharoor also said that he could go on all evening on the issue of Kashmir. His answer to the lady was very sassy and we are all proud of him.