Salman Khan is one of the biggest entertainers the Bollywood has ever seen. He’s profoundly loved by everyone across the globe and he’s often called the ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood. But you ever wondered why Salman Bhai is called a Bhai?


Salman’s name has a mammoth worth in Bollywood and his movies are bound to enter the elite 100 crore club. In recent times he’s grown in stature to be the biggest entertainer in B Town and his fan base is humongous.

Salman has also helped many other Bollywood celebrities in making a place for themselves in the industry. Salman Khan is known for his generosity and that makes his fan love him even more and more.

Salman Khan finally cleaned the air around him being called ‘Bhai.’ Speaking about why he’s called Bhai, Salman said

“Because Sohail calls me Bhai, even his friends started calling me Bhai. Now it so happens that even seniors have started calling me Bhai.”

Salman Khan further said

“From Salman, Salu, to Salle, to Sallu Bhai, to Bhai was quite a journey.”

So, finally we know why Bhai is caked Bhai! Now his fans would be eagerly waiting for his next block buster after the success of Tiger Zinda Hai.

Heres the video