Video: This Interview Of ‘Radhe Maa’ Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time


India is a land of religious gurus. But, the problem, these days, is that many frauds are misusing the innocence and faith of the people in India and making an empire on the basis of trust and belief they derive from their ‘bhakts’ and followers.


Recently, Gurmit Ram Rahim, who has a massive fan following in north India, specially Haryana and Punjab, was sent for a judicial custody of 20 years for raping a woman. As investigative agencies dug deeper into Ram Rahim’s empire which is worth many hundred crores, it was found that in the name of god and spirituality, Ram Rahim took physical benefits from women and committed many other crimes which are now being investigated.

After his arrest, people of India are demanding probes into the lifestyle and empire of self-proclaimed spiritual gurus of India.


Controversial spiritual leader Radhe Maa, who is known for her colourful style of living , opened up in an interview where she defended her stylish avatar. While people and media are asking questions, in a recent interview to Aaj Tak, Radhe Maa, whose original name is Sukhvinder Kaur, refuted allegations of dowry harassment against her and said there was a conspiracy to defame her.

She was asked whether she also has a ‘gufa’ (cave) like Ram Rahim, to which she replied: “I just have one red-coloured aasan. This was the only ‘gufa’ where I meet people. There is nothing like that there is a separate ‘gufa’ to meet Radhe Maa or that ‘she’ has a separate cave to sleep in… My life is an open book,” “Radhe Maa” said.

She was also asked about luxurious ornaments she wears, to which she replied: “My sons get me these luxuries. This is my lifestyle. Why should I change my lifestyle for the world?”. She claimed that like other spiritual leaders, she too had given up on certain worldly pleasures. “I won’t reveal what I have given up, here.”

Watch the full interview here:

VIDEO: This Interview Of ‘Radhe Maa’ Has Gone Viral On The Internet