Dogs are unarguably the most adorable and the most loyal pets. It’s pretty common to have a dog or puppy as a pet but have you heard about an entire festival dedicated to dogs?


We if you have not then we bring you this festival from Nepal which is totally dedicated to dogs. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? Not just a festival dedicated to the dogs but in this festivals DOGS ARE WORSHIPED FOR AN ENTIRE DAY. isn’t that a beautiful thing?

What’s this festival called?

This festival is called the Kukur Tihar festival. In Nepal there’s a 5 day celebration for Diwali. This festival named Kukur Tihar is observed on the second day of this 5 day celebration. On this day dogs are worshiped for an entire day.


On this day dogs in Nepal are showered in love. These dogs are treated with lavish meals and there’s happiness all around. These dogs look so adorable when they are made to participate in this festival. Just look at these pictures, they look so adorable. Don’t they?

This festival is celebrated by the Hindu community. The Hindus in Nepal celebrate this festival to commemorate the bond between humans and dogs.

It’s great how the world is a melting bowl of cultures and festivals. Different nations are homes to different cultures and festivals and we get to hear about such sweet stories of humanity from across the world.

Nepal maybe a very small and underdeveloped nation but this is something the world needs to learn from Nepal. Isn’t it?