The South African cricket team won the second T20 innings against India. Our men in blue had a tough start but Manish Pandey and M.S Dhoni gave a brilliant performance. Indian team set the target of 189 runs for South Africans.

Manish Pandey scored an unbeatable 79 runs and MS Dhoni scored a half century in just 27 Balls. But what caught our attention was what Dhoni said to Manish Pandey.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is best known for his calm and compose nature was seen abusing Manish Pandey.

It happened during the 20th over, when MS Dhoni shouted at Manish Pandey, here’s what he said:

“Oyee.. Bhootni ke idhar dekh lae. udhar kya dekh raha hai.. Main idhar khada hu na batting kar raha.”

Here, watch the video, a rare sight of Dhoni abusing:

All thanks to the stump mic, we were able to see the rare sight. Manish Pandey was asked about the same, here’s what he said:

“I think Mahi woke up. (Laughs). It was his chance, he’s probably the best lower down the order. In the last couple of overs he looks to dominate and that’s what happens. He’s done that a number of times. I thought SA bowled fairly well. It’s just that a couple of inside edges went to the boundary and some really good shots by Mahi took us to 188. I think South Africa bowled fairly well today.”

Manish Pandey was not happy with his performance, he said:

“Sometimes I feel.. you know I bat at no. 5. I’ve got a few chances at No. 4, I’ve delivered. Batting combinations sometimes push me down to 5. I’ve tried my bit but I also feel I could do a bit more with myself. India has got a really good top line-up. We have top three batting for about 35-40 overs with guys like Virat and then Mahi coming in ahead of me. But yeah I think it’d be nice to get some more chances and wish I could deliver more. Actually, I can deliver a lot more than I am doing right now.”

He added:
“It is tough. Playing for India at no.5… you know people who have batted for India at No. 5 before me, Raina is there, Yuvi pa was there. To fill in their shoes it is a little tough. In the last couple of years, (the) Indian line-up is doing really well up top. You have to be really patient for your chances. From the ball one you have to go after it. That’s what I tried to do in the first game. I’ve come back and I’m playing after a long time, it works on the mind little bit. Today was a good day for me and I still want to continue the way I’ve always played.”

Talking about the pressure, he said:
“Honestly, it is a little tough. It works on your mind a lot. Especially this tour I felt a lot actually. I had to see a doctor also because of that. But it is okay. It is part of the game, that’s what cricket is all about. You have to wait for your chances, especially to play for a team like India where you have all stars and legends after legends. So you have to be patient and try my bit there.”

MS Dhoni abusing was definitely a rare sight, Twitterati went crazy after watching the video, here’s how they reacted:


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