We Indian have a thing for ‘home-made’ products. But seems like the condom manufacturers in India are obsessed with home-made things. After giving us a desi-touch with achaari condom, Manforce are now coming out with adrak-flavored condom.

Yes! you read that right. This is for people obsessed with CHAI and this is not the first time, Manforce or other condom manufacturing companies, have came up with something like this. Have a look:

  1. Weed:

    Well, let’s get high and have sex is now age-old tradition according to these condom manufacturers. The new one is, let’s get high while having sex, through condom?

  2. Eggplant:The manufacturers favorite dish might have been, “Baingan Ka Bharta..”. They took it very seriously.

  3. Manforce wanted people to have a “Desi and sexy” sex.

Now, Manforce have came up with this. Good for the throat they say. 😀

Well, the reactions or reviews of this condom will come out later, but Twitterattis gave us the best reactions by going crazy, have a look:


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