Mandira Karimi Shared A Pic With Unbuttoned Shorts And Got Vulgarly Trolled By Twitter


This is not the first time a celebrity has been slut shamed over the social media. Unfortunately, such incidents of social media abuse and trolling are only getting more frequent and we don’t even know how to deal with them aptly. Slut shaming is a thing in India and it’s only getting more and more prevalent with time.



From TV actresses to the biggest queens of the Bollywood have been subjected to this time and again. Now it’s model Mandira Karimi who has been slut shamed on social media for apparently wearing revealing clothes.

What’s the story?

Mandira Karimi, The contestant of Big Boss season 10 posted a picture with unbuttoned shorts. As soon as she posted the picture, people reacted with disgusting comments. These derogatory comments came in like a heap and all of them aimed at slut shaming Mandira Karimi.

Mandira posted a picture on Instagram where she flaunted her toned body. She even pulled up her top a little and revealed her bra. Not just this but she also had her shorts unbuttoned as clearly seen in this picture posted on Instagram.

Here’s the Instagram Post

Now if people have a certain objection with her then they can simply unfollow her, right? But these people who talk about decency through such indecent comments must realise that they’re just wasting their time. We really hope that one fine day people in this nation will learn to mind their own business and also realise that fact that by such comments they only speak of their decency.

These comments are indeed vulgar. Some people crossed all lines and even went about comparing her to a prostitute? Well, this moral policing needs to stop immediately.