Indian skipper Virat Kohli is having the best time of his career. After being a great athlete and being a great caption, his venture is still continues. Recently he tops at 7th rank and pips Lionel Messi for the position.

It is really very proud thing for us Indians. But this does not stop him, there are still many things for come and it seems like Captain has still so much to achieve and break many records of legends. Virat has had beautiful journey so far, what future holds for him remains a mystery for now!


When it comes to cricket, the Cricket world has never witnessed this class. He is the highest earning cricketer, also beating Ricky Pointing by hitting 31 Centuries. All he has to beat is Sachin Tendulker but which seems a mighty task for him.


Not impossible though. Virat Kohli is in a the list that consists of Legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Le Brown James, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods.  Yes, now with these athletes, Virat makes a place for himself. And nothing feels our heart with proud than this.

Athletes: An athlete’s brand value is their earnings (excluding salary and bonus from their sport and all investment income), minus the average income of the top 10 athletes in the same sport
1. Roger Federer $37.2m
2. LeBron James $33.4m
3. Usain Bolt $27m
4. Cristiano Ronaldo $21.5m
5. Phil Mickelson $19.6m
6. Tiger Woods $16.6m
7. Virat Kohli $14.5m
8. Rory McIlroy $13.6m
9. Lionel Messi $13.5m
10. Steph Curry $13.4m

Now Virat is a big brand value and everyone wants him to launch their products and become a brand ambassador. Virat is also doing advertisements which gives him extra money, he earns 14.5 million, plus his salary is different topic! But even after earning so much, he is a very humble person and respects his fans.

After knowing his responsibilities towards nation, his attitude and style towards the sports has changed completely. With which he has earned the equal amount of respect. Everyone loves his cricketing style and loves his stylish personality. Virat is an all round person for sure.

His aggressive playing style does not reflect to his personal life, he is a calmed nature person. And his recent achievement of getting on 7th rank has brought attention of many critics and fans as well! 

Just now, India is in Cricket battle with Newzealand and already lost in the 1st ODI, but skipper has more strategy  in his pockets as India will face them in 2nd ODI in which we will for sure.

After becoming Indian Captain, we can see how Virat is trying his level best and still the form is constant, unlike Sachin, because after Sachin was named as Captain his form was very uncertain. Comparing both at this stage could be controversial so better leave it at a better stage.

Virat will surely reach at higher number pretty soon and amaze his fans with more centuries. His cricket style will never fade away and he will put Indian team at better place for sure!