Sexual Harassment isn’t a new thing in the world of movies. If there’s one thing that is similar in Bollywood and Hollywood industry is the ‘casting couches’.Many actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood have opened up about the issue.


Recently, the gorgeous actress, Ileana D’Cruz opened up about ‘casting couch’ in an interview with the Bombay Times. The actress recalls how she was approached by a Junior artiste for her advise on how to deal with casting couches. She said:

“It might sound cowardly, but I do agree that if you speak out about the casting couch, it will end your career. Years ago, a junior artiste down South, who was being propositioned by a big producer, sought my advice on how to deal with it.I told her that it’s something that I couldn’t decide for her. It is her decision and that nobody could force it on her. Many people have done it and it’s up to her whether she wants to go ahead and do it or not. As far as exploitation and harassment is concerned, I wouldn’t stand for it,”


She feels that the actors don’t open up about casting couches because they fear that it might end their career.

Ileana D’Cruz also talked about the actor Kevin Spacey. Kavin has been accused for many sexual harassment cases and is currently living in a rehab in the Arizona desert and is getting treated for sex addiction.

She said:

“The fact of the matter is that if an A-list star is accused of something like this, you will require a large number of people to come forward, including A-list actresses and actors, to make a difference. Actors in this country are worshiped. So it will take many voices for people to acknowledge that huge stars could have such an ugly side. I can’t watch Kevin Spacey’s show anymore, though I have loved it earlier because he has been accused of harassment. It disgusts me as a person,” 

We all were a big fan of Kevin Spacey but when his news of sexual harassment broke out, the world was left in shock.

Ileana D’Cruz, the actress with a mesmerizing smile, debuted with a brilliant movie, Barfi alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Her upcoming movie, Raid is all set to be released on 16th March.

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