Sofia Hayat, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss season 7, has always managed to make headlines for her controversial activities.

I love you. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa

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The world was shocked and cracked up later on when Sophia declared that she has become a nun. Later she even removed her prosthetic breasts as well, the world was stunned for her acts.

Sophia, the former nun has always made headlines for all the wrong reasons but this time the actress has caught attention for somewhat right reason.

Recently, Sophia took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of a message that was sent by some ‘pervert’ with the username @abhisheksinghbisht8.

In the message, the pervert was offering money to Sophia for a night. Sophia Hayat not only shared his message but also bashed him. Have a look at the message sent by that pervert:

Sophia Hayat bashed him brutally, she wrote:

“I wipe my a** with 20 lac…even 20 crores will not buy me..will it buy your mother..ask her? (sic).”


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According to her latest instagram pictures, the rumors are that Sophia Hayat is expecting her first child with husband Vlad Stanescu. First she uploaded a picture, which gave rise to the speculations regarding the pregnancy of Sophia.

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Later, she uploaded another picture which made all the speculations go more stronger, have a look:

The caption read:

“The age of knowing..the star is inside the Mother Earth radiating out her light..the brightest star in the universe is here,” 

When Sophia tied the knots with husband Vlad Stanescu on April 24, 2017, it sparked a big controversy as just a few months before that, she had announced that she has become a nun and will continue being that for her entire life.

Well, we really wish that she has a happy life ahead.

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