Today the world woke up with the sad news of Sridevi’s untimely and sudden death. Sridevi was the first female superstar of Bollywood, she was the most loved and talented actress of all time. She started her career at the mere age of 4 and ruled millions of hearts.


She has given so many brilliant and memorable performances in many movies she has done including, Mr.India, Chaalbaaz, Chandani and many more.

A few years back, at the age of 48 the actress gave her career a second chance by making a comeback through English Vinglish and she stole our hearts all over again with her wonderful performance and admirable grace.


But we have noticed that many leading media networks and websites are using ‘heart attack’ as the cause of the actress death but actually the actress has died because of cardiac arrest and not because of heart attack.

Not many knows the fact that heart attack and cardiac arrest are two different terms and problems. 

People often get confuse between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. Both of these medical conditions are different from each other. Here we will tell you the different between both of the disease.


Heart attack takes place when a section of heart stops getting oxygen-rich blood because of a blocked artery. The section of the heart which is not receiving blood will start dying if the blocked artery is not opened soon and the damage keeps on increasing if not treated on time.

Heart attack’s symptoms are visible hours, days or even weeks before the heart attack actually takes place but these symptoms may differ in men and women and sometimes person to person as well. But heart attack doesn’t stop beating and it keeps on transferinf blood to different organs of the body.


Cardiac Arrest is very different from heart attack, while in heart attack the heart gives symptoms on the other hand in Cardiac arrest there is no warning, it can happen to anyone anytime. In heart attack heart never stops beating, on the other hand, in cardiac arrest the heart stops beating and transferring blood to different organs of the body.

The cardiac arrest happens because of an electrical malfunction in heart which results in arrhythmia, a term used for irregular heartbeat. And a person can even die with in minutes if not treated urgently.

Although both of these terms are closely related as both are heart related problems but they are different. The chances of cardiac arrest increases if a person has previously had a heart attack but it is not necessary that a heart attack will always be the cause of a cardiac arrest. Heart attack on the other hand is a very common problem

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