It was just a few days ago, when a video of a UP cop went viral on the internet, in which he was seen shouting “thain thain” to scare criminals during an encounter, after his pistol got jammed. The video went super-viral and it was all over the internet in no time.

In case you missed out on the video, here, have a look :


The video became a fodder for hilarious memes and jokes on social media. The social media was soon flooded with hilarious memes and jokes on this incident and the people on the internet had a great time tickling their funny bones.

However, there’s one guy who used this ‘thain thain’ sound in a more innovative day. The guy has used this sound in a video game at people from all over the world are obsessed with, Counter Strike. Yes, you read that right. The guy has replaced all the gun sounds with the ‘Thain Thain’ sound in the game.

The guy uploaded this video and also took to Reddit and wrote :

“I edited most of the sounds featured in the clip individually in audacity to replace with the game sound files and it can be a very time intensive process. Right now, all other guns just have the base sound from the original video but I’ll see if I can do more whenever I find the time.”

The video of the counterstrike is a hit now, people are really loving his innovative idea. Here, have a look at the video here :

Talking about the UP Cop, hailing the ‘act of bravery’, his name has been sent for a commendation disc and certificate from the director general of UP police. Yes, we are not joking. Incredible India as they say!

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