Cricketers and celebrities are the most followed and admired people in our country. When it comes to popularity on social media, cricketers on social media also share a huge fan following.

However, with many followers comes many criticizers and trollers. The netizens never leaves an opportunity to troll or criticize others for every big or small thing that they do.


Recently, Ravindra Jadeja, the Indian all-rounder put up a picture of himself on Instagram, where he asked his fans for suggestions on hairstyles. Although, the picture received much love from fans, however, there was this one person who tried to troll Ravindra Jadeja.


Here, have a look at the picture posted by Ravindra Jadeja on his Instagram account :

The caption of the picture read:
“Guys Any suggestions for hair style!! #hairstyle #stylegoals.”

And soon the image was flooded with comments from fans suggesting him some new hair style, however, there was this one comment from a troller which caught the attention of Ravindra Jadeja.

Abe apni game pe bhi focus kr le thodi, batting hoti nahi all rounder ban k baitha h.”

Ravindra Jadeja was quick to come up with the most savage reply ever. He commented and made him remember the last test match that he played recently. He commented back saying, “@tiwari.vipin tere ghar pe tv nai hain kya. Last test match dekha nai, Idiot,


Amazing reply from the Indian all-rounder. He surely knows how to handle critics and trolls. The netizens too appreciated the reply of Jadeja. Here, have a look at how others reacted to Jadeja’s reply to the troller:

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