“True love is hard to find in this generation”, they say. No matter how much you disagree with this but relationships these days have lost it’s importance and value. People now don’t take relationships seriously like the earlier generations. Infact dating and break-up has become very common these days.

As we are gradually moving in with life, we often hear the term double dating. A terms that defines or rather explains dating two persons at the same time. This has become so common that we have heard so many incidents of this. However, in this article we bring you the most weirdest incident revolving around the concept of double dating.


Now the boy that we are going to talk about in this article was dating not one, not two but fourteen women at the same time. Yes, you read the number alright. Well, he is one of those boys, who our parents tells us to be beware of. He re-defined the terms “f*ckboys” and “playboys”.

Rakib loved dating many women at the same time and was fond of switching among them. And if you are wondering the age of Rakib then we should tell you that this boy is just 18 years old. Yes, only 18 years old and was dating 14 women at the same time. Shocking isn’t it?

Well, all these women that he was dating were unaware of the other girls, who existed in their boyfriend’s life but until this valentine’s day.

Well, 14th February 2019 changed everything for this lad. One of his girlfriend named Jorina revealed that she was really shocked when she got to know that Rakib is cheating on her with 13 girls at the same time. She soon realized that none of the girls were aware that Rakib was cheating on them.

Rakib, the 18 year old boy, used to save the numbers of his girlfriend with names as Baby girl 1,2,3…14. Jorina saw this in his phone’s messenger and she immediately informed all the girls about Rakib somehow.

All the 14 girls together planned a surprise for Rakib on valentine’s day.They all went to see him, together at his house. Rakib was shocked, he was so terrified to see them all together at one place. Rakib was so terrified that he went into coma.

Now all his girlfriends are feeling very sad for him and wishes him a speedy recovery. They are even ready to accept him as their boyfriend and share him as well after he comes out of coma.

Well, this is one of the weirdest incident we have ever heard of. But isn’t it a little startling that love is this blind?

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