A Boy Asked Shah Rukh Khan To Define Madhuri Dixit In One Word. SRK Replied In His ‘King Of Romance’ Style


The King Khan of Bollywood is hands-down the King of Wit as well. Be it on while hosting award ceremonies or chat shows or events or even through his twitter handle, he has proved that no one can beat him with humor and wit.

Shah Rukh Khan has fans from across the globe and SRK too values and loves every fan of him. No matter how busy he is in his hectic schedule he always takes out time to spend some time with his fans through “#AskSRK” on Twitter.

Even today, Shah Rukh Khan had an awesome session on his Twitter and #AskSRK is still trending in India. Some of his tweets were so hilarious that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you.

Shah Rukh Khan, over the years, have come across as a very intelligent man who speaks very well in public and specially when it comes to giving interviews. SRK is the most followed Indian actor on Twitter and the biggest reason behind this is– his way of interacting with his followers.

Have a look:

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