8 Weirdest Misconceptions We Wish They Didn’t Have About India


Have you ever tried to visualize our country with an outsider’s point of view? Have you ever wondered how India looks like to the rest of the world?

While, we all lost our minds when a foreigner called us ‘poor’ (thanks to the oscar-winning films like Slumdog Millionaire!) the weird misconceptions outsiders hold about India don’t end here.

Let’s see some of the weirdest misconceptions people in other countries have about us in their heads. However, I’m not surprised since we never mind stereotyping our own countrymen. Anyways!

That all Indians are brown


A country which is hysterically obsessed with gorapan, it’s sarcastic to hear this from them. Hope they could see how people with nearly all kinds of complexion happily wallow here.

That we speak a language called ‘Indian’

First of all, ‘Indian’ is not a language and India has 22 official languages and around 1652 mother tongues!

That the only kind of marriage we’ve is arranged marriage

It’s true that romance and dating could never be a dining table topic for us and some of us may have to go through a ton of melodrama to convince our parents. But India does have its share of love marriages, with everybody’s blessings of course.

That all Indians smell like curry!

Like seriously? Perhaps they don’t know that many of us don’t even have our breakfast till we take a bath. For those who don’t, the kamasutra perfume does its job.

That Indians don’t know English

Like Priyanka said, about 10% of India’s population i.e., around 125 million people speak English. And the number accounts for the whole population of many countries.

That we’ve snake charmers roaming around

While it surely is a certified profession, we don’t have snake charmers all over the pavements of India. May be, they need to stop taking those Indiana Jones movies and cartoon illustrations too seriously.

That spoons and forks are alien to us

Just because we love to grace our maa ke hath ka khana with our own hands, doesn’t mean we lack spoons in our cutlery set. If you ever hear that coming from your videshi friend, ask them to eat panipuri with a fork and a knife.

That we dance around trees or on streets in real life

Thanks to our Bollywood movies, they think that we actually start dancing on the strees all of a sudden while the passers-by follow us matching our steps. Wish we could tell them that not everything shown in films has something to do with reality!