8 Bollywood Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents


And to our fair stalking, most of us are obsessed with the Bollywood world. We want to be updated about them all the time, for everything, everything! And so are we; interested on the little ones too. Bollywood Celebrity kids have always been in the limelight. What to do, where they go, is always what the nation wants to be updated off! No wonder that all the babies resemble their parents because of the DNA, but celebrity kids are a wonder though!

Here we are with some of the celebrity kids who are eerily similar to their parents:


Aishwarya Rai and Aradhya Bachchan:


Take a look at Aishwarya’s picture in the year 1974 when she was a kid, and have a glimpse at Aradhya’s snap; yes they are complete replica with the same charm on the face. Baby Aradhya never leaves her mom’s side and we believe her to be the next most beautiful woman of the world.

Kareena Kapoor and Taimur Ali khan:

Apple of everyone’s eyes, this baby star is stealing the show now! The facial charms are fairly contributed by Saif but his facial features dotted with the glowing charm, the way he smiles is all what we can relate with mommy Kareena! A lot!

Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam:

The heartthrob of the Nation called in his colours again to little AbRam with the same awe on their face. Much to the buzz of Twitteratti, King Khan shared the first pic of his third child on the occasion of Eid and we can’t stop discussing the striking resemblance of baby AbRam with King Khan’s infant days.

Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan

The similarity between these two beautiful women is remarkable. There is unbelievable resemblance between these two and it’s so difficult differentiate between these two pictures.

Amrita Singh and Sarah Ali Khan:

Let’s face it- genes do work and our darling bollywood is filled with good looking divas! Sure to make good name in Bollywood soon- we have the daughter of Amrita and Saif here, Sarah! You wouldn’t be able to differentiate her from mother Amrita.

Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan:

The Greek God in Bollywood has all the good looks passed down to him by Dad Rakesh.

Javed and Farhan Akhtar:

With the same eyes, face cut and Jawline, the popular lyricist, screenwriter, and poet have given us another gem in the industry to be proud off!

Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Khan