When Kaun banega Crorepati renewed for it’s 9th season this year, it broke all it’s previous records and received the highest number of registrations, along with soaring TRP’s. The iconic KBC tune and the signature Bachchan baritone has once again stuck the right chord with people, setting the television world on fire.


Mr Bachchan’s charm and larger than life appearance has created an unimaginable aura for the show. His unique style of addressing the audience with “Deviyo aur Sajjno” and striking a rapport with the contestants, has given the show a perfect blend of laughter and emotion.

He showers utmost respect on hot-seat contestants and watching him do that, is a lesson in the forgotten etiquette of taking interest in knowing the person in front of us.


But it’s not just Mr Bachchan who gets all the attention. For the past 9 seasons, there has been a lot of curiosity around his computer screen, that he fondly calls “Computer Ji”.

Several people have speculated as to what his screen displays, but finally after 9 seasons, KBC participant Abhinav Pandey has revealed what it actually shows.

Abhinav Pandey, who won a price money of Rs 12.5 lakhs, answered a query regarding the ‘Computer ji’ and wrote,

“His computer may be responsive i.e. he may skip the content or operate the process a little bit. However, the computer operator who sets the questions, timers etc sit in another place. A contestant’s computer is unresponsive i.e. he can’t skip or flip the content shown on the screen.”

“A typical computer screen of Bachchan sir consists of current questions, all options, winning streak, used and unused life lines. In middle if he forgets details like name, place, job, village or companions of contestant then he could recall all by alter the screen option or on the another big screen placed diagonally to the hot seat”

He also rebuffed a popular myth that said Mr Bachchan knew correct answers even before ‘Computer Ji’ locked it. He wrote,

“Unlike popular belief Bachchan sir doesn’t know the correct answer before “Lock kar diya jaye (lock it please)”. After locking up the option the screen shows correct answer, incorrect answer and the details of correct answer. To alert candidates from wrong answers are just the good gestures of the host.”

What does the screen show when the candidate opts for a lifeline?

“When a candidate takes phone of friend life line then screen shows the names and details of ‘Phone a friend’ nominees.

A timer on his screen provides the interval breaks. However it may be prolonged by the will of the host.

Both the screens (Hot seat and Bachchan sir’s) are kept off during the fastest finger first round.”