Delhi is incredible and anything can happen here, but snowfall? Well, yes, this freakshow happened in Delhi NCR on the 7th of February and we couldn’t believe our eyes! Call it an effect of western disturbance or anything else, but Delhi was covered with slow and it looked beautiful than ever.

Well, apart from giving us a beautiful sight, the hailstorm also brought a sigh of relief for all the Delhiites, after the air quality of Delhi improved drastically after heavy rain coupled with heavy hailstorms lashed all over the city. Dropping from 349, which falls into the “Very Poor Quality” to 171, which falls in “Moderate Quality”, the air quality improved tremendously.


The social media was soon flooded with pictures after the hailstorm and the pictures are a treat to eyes. The netizens were left awestrucked with the beautiful sites and soon the social media was filled with pictures of hail storm and snow covered Delhi.

Here, in this article we bring you some beautiful shots that beautifully captured the magic of nature that descended upon us yesterday. Have a look :








Amazing isn’t it? What a beautiful sight it is.

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