5 Cracking Replies That Prove Virat Kohli Knows How To Troll ‘Like A Boss’


Virat Kohli is, arguably, the best batsman in the world. He is also a very fine captain who is leading the young Team India in the most effective and aggressive manner.


Virat is naturally an aggressive cricketers who likes performing under pressure. Right from the beginning of his career, Kohli has marinated a very aggressive image on the field and he is someone who never backs off from any kind of battle in the middle.

He is also very effective when it comes to handling the media off the field. In this post, we have listed 6 incidents when Virat Kohli gave cracking replies.

  • When journalist asked Virat Kohli if he was worried about his meager returns in the opening slot. 

“Sir, I had also opened in the IPL and I had scored four hundreds. No one said anything then. 

“Now I couldn’t score in one match, then it’s a problem. Then (during the IPL last year)  people said what a revelation (my opening slot was).

“Sir, focus on the others in the team also. There are 10 other people in the team. If I do everything, what will the others do? Give the others a chance.”

  • When media was targeting MS Dhoni after one bad performance on the field:

“I don’t understand why people are pointing him out. If I fail as a batsman three times, no one is going to point fingers at me because I am not over 35,” Virat Kohli had said.

  • When a reporter asked Him “Do You Need Rest?”

Definitely I do need rest. Why won’t I need rest! When I think it’s time my body should be rested, I`ll ask for it. I am not a robot, you can slice my skin and check, I bleed,” Virat Kohli had replied. 

  • When a reporter asked Virat Kohli about his views on MS Dhoni’s diminishing form.

“He is striking the ball beautifully, you don’t need to tell him anything in terms of how to play a situation, how to build an innings.”

  • When a reported asked him about when can one expect a biopic on his career.

“Bhai main 28 ka hun abhi (I am just 28 years old).”