We all love watching the wives and family of Indian cricketers at the stand, cheering for our Indian cricket team. Be it Anushka-Virat or Sakshi-Dhoni, the fans of these couples have always loved whenever, they have joined their better halves on the tour.


However, the BCCI is clearly not very happy with the concept of family members accompanying the cricketers on their overseas tours, since it is an added hassle for the staff.

Recently, while talking to Times Of India, a BCCI official said that cricketers traveling with families becomes a headache for them. He said :


If the team is travelling with less number of members, it is easier to manage. It’s easy for BCCI staff to make off-field arrangements. Right from booking tickets to rooms, the entire management of handling the arrangement is with BCCI,”

He added :

It would be a logistical nightmare if this arrangement – of families travelling with the players – continues to be there in England for the entire duration of the World Cup. It is difficult to manage all of them together. There is also the problem of arranging match tickets for their families. It has to be regulated. This is not a question of money,”

Well, as the World Cup is around the corner, the BCCI are worried about match tickets and handling all of them. We really wonder what our Indian cricketers have to say about this.

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