Ashish Nehra Met His Wife During A Match In England And Planned Marriage In Less Than 10 Days


Ashish Nehra announced his retirement from all forms of cricket recently, after playing the last match of international career at his home ground Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi. It was a T20I match against New Zealand and India won it convincingly.


Ashish Nehra got a beautiful farewell in front of his home crowd and it was a moment to remember for him, his family, his friends and Indian cricket fans.

Nehra has always been a crowd favourite. He has a very different style of speaking, analysing and walking on the field. And, fans have a troll-love relationship with him. Until a few of years ago, Nehra used to get trolled by fans on the internet.


But, after winning the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 with Team India, Nehra earned the respect of the fans and made a special place for himself their hearts. And, since then, Nehra’s graph has only gone upwards.

However, this post is not about his cricketing achievements. It is rather about his love story. Read here:

Ashish Nehra’s wife Rushma is a big cricket fan and she used to go to stadiums to watch India’s matches even before they got married.

They met during one of India’s match in England (The Oval), in 2000. Nehra told Gaurav Kapoor on Breakfast With Champions that it was love at first sight for him.

Ashish Nehra and his wife Rushma dated for several years before deciding to tie the knot. But, when a friend asked them about their wedding plans, Ashish Nehra made a quick plan and gave everybody a time period of 10 days to make the arrangements. Yes, it was that quick.

When Nehra decided that he wished to get settled, he had a chat with his friends and stated he wants to tie the knot on April 1st. The incident is of March 2009. He narrated this incident on Breakfast With Champions, which is hosted by Gaurav Kapoor, the bearded face of IPL.

But, since April 1st is Fool’s Day, Nehra was advised against it and he chose the date 2nd instead. However, his friends figured he meant April 2010 as opposed to the very next month.

His decision to tie the knot just 10 days later surprised everyone initially but it was planed very well and the marriage was celebrated in grand style.