Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister, recently, posted a video on his twitter account which shows Vande Bharat Express passing through a station at a very fast or rather lightning speed. Captioning the video, he wrote :

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…Watch India’s first semi-high speed train built under ‘Make in India’ initiative, Vande Bharat Express zooming past at lightening speed.”


Here, have a look at the tweet of Piyush Goyal :

You can also watch the video here :


The video went viral in no time, people on social media, from politicians, leaders to netizens were impressed with the video. However, twitterati were quick to find out that the video was edited and the train was made to move in fast forward speed and this is when the problem started for Piyush Goyal.

As soon as this tweet caught eyes, people trolled Piyush Goyal like never before for editing the video. While some asked as to what the need of editing was when the train was moving in a good speed itself. The tweet was soon flooded with comments from all around.

Here, have a look at how twitterati trolled Piyush Goyal :

Hilarious isn’t it? Well, twitterati never fails to entertain us.

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