The security of a female in our country has become a big question. However, there are many rules made by the government of India for the safety of women and to make the Indian women feel safe. One such law is that a women can’t be arrested in the night and without lady constables.

Recently, a video of a girl went viral on the internet. The video is of the incident that happened in Mumbai that has created a lot of buzz everywhere. A girl named Megha Sharma had an argument with the security guard of the building and she alleged that she was hit by him as well.


The incident took place at 1 AM in the night at at posh residential complex and Lokhandwala.The girl called up the cops for her help, Oshiwara police arrived within minutes but cops asked her to come with them to the police station despite the fact that as per the law, the police can’t arrest a women after 6 PM. Also, there were no female constables with them.

The video is now all over the incident and the video doesn’t clearly shows anything about what happened before the girl started stripping down her clothes. People are calling out the girl and naming and shaming her for her act. In case you missed the video, you can watch it here below :


#DrunkGirlMany media bullies will say she is being sexually assaulted without listening to the other side of the story.Watch at your discretion. She is a good actor although.#Oshiwara#Innocent and #DrunkGirl Video-2

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The girl took to her Facebook and revealed what exactly happened there and what was shown in the video that went viral. She also uploaded a video that revealed the true story behind the video that went viral and showed the girl in the negative light.

Here, have a look at what she wrote on her Facebook post :

So yes here am I again …people doesn’t know that what had actually happened…thy just saw that which this janta showed thm …if a girl getting misbehaved by a watchmen at 1am and 2,3 watchmen hitting her back and when she called a copes thr for help the cops are telling her that come to the police station at 3am that to b no lady constable was thr …requesting thm will come tomorrow til the time u can talk to my lawyer frnd …and as per the law no police guy can take a girl in the night to the police station …she got stuck in the lift area for almost 10mints in between of those bastards…all the cops and watchmen were not letting her go up …and she felt too much of scared and threatened by everyone’s around her, feeling like y thy want me to take with them now when I m already saying will come tom to file a complaint against that watchmen …I thought that once I’ll b out thy might rape me coz all cops were men thr …and yes a case has happened in pune that a girl had a gang rapped by these cops nly…if anyone can search on google for cops thy will get to know what thy are and who thy are …and second thing I need to ask whole janta here who is putting me an allegation without knowing the whole story that what had happened that night ,tel me one thing y those cops came thr without any lady constable when thy already knew that a girl is complaining …I was literally got scared of I m begging in front of thm, crying to go up then y thy forcefully wanna take me out at 3am in the police station which is not allowed without my permission whn I already told that i will come tom to file a complaint against that watchmen, …when those bastards were not leaving from thr thn i hav to all that if u really wanna do or something going in ur mind do it here nly thn in front of CCTV cameras but I’ll not come with u guys n go to the police station now coz I don’t trust those copes even who didn’t had a single lady constable over thr, might be thy can take me somewhere else instead of police station…

And now u nly tel me who make videos in front of a police department , when I was doing all that …copes were thr seeing tamasha of mine but thy didnt stopped them not to take out my video …and if those cops had told me that madam u can go , n come tom to file a complaint that wouldn’t had happened what I did over thr..

Seriously we girls are not safe in our own country ,in our own building n thn to b in mumbai which we say its a safest city and moreover the copes who are thr to protect us…

U know guys putting a blame on a girl its too easy but knowing the actual fact its too difficult…

Also a girl will think 100 n ten times doing all that what I did, but I’ll fight for my justice til my last breath …

Posting a video to all of you who thought me wrong without knowing anything and gave me a name of feminism “

Here, watch the video posted by Megha on Facebook :


The girl also took to her twitter and uploaded a statement there as well under the ongoing ‘Me Too’ movement. Here, have a look at the tweet :

Here, have a look at the statement released by her on twitter :

What is your take on this? Who do you think is guilty here- the girl or the guard?

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