Here’s Why Did Lord Krishna Did Not Marry Radha When They Both Loved Each Other So Much?


Janmashtami is here and and on this occasion we wish every one a blissful and prosperous life. The complete nation is celebrating this prosperous occasion.


This Hindu festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna. To celebrate his birthday, every temple is decorated and people celebrate this day with excitement and love. Even people dress up their kids as Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Lord Krishna and Radha’s love story is one of the most fascinating stories ever. Radhey-Krishna set an example for the world about how pure and unconditional love can be. The tales of their love stories have been told from generations to generations. However, one question remains unanswered in these tales, ‘ Why did Lord Krishna did not marry Radha when they both loved each other so much?’


Well, if you aren’t aware then we should tell you when Lord Krishna was a little boy, he would go by the lake, in Gokul, and used start playing the flute for the grazing cows. He used to do that everyday. While all the women of complete Gokul and the rest of the country were captivated by Lord Krishna’s charm, he was captivated by the beautiful Radha.

However, the eternal love that they had for each other could never suffice by giving a tag to their love tale. According to scholars, Radha realized that Krishna was not a common man but a God. She realized that a devotee cannot marry her God, also, she was a cowgirl and thought that a person of his stature should only marry a princess. Radha always treated and loved Lord Krishna like a devotee loves her God.

In one incident, Krishna told Radha that “How can one marry his or her own soul?”, which proved that Radha and Krishna were one entity and therefore he promised that just like a soul always remains with the body, Radha’s name will always remain with him.

Lord Krishna then married princess Rukmani. However, even after marrying her, Krishna’s name is always taken with Radha. Radha-Krishna are worshiped together and everyone celebrate their pure love.

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