We grow up believing so many things, myths, concepts, facts. However, as scientists are daily performing some new experiments we see our facts changing and most of the facts that we used to believe coming out to us as a lie.

Here, in this article we bring you 14 things that we always believed, but they actually turned out to be false! Here, have a look :



Sorry to say but the shape of earth is neither flat nor round, it is oblate which is flat from top and bottom, just like an orange.


Well, people generally imply the logic of gravity with floating in space, however, it’s because the ISS and almost all the objects in space are in a relative free fall with respect to the heavier object nearby.


Well, the height of Napoleon has always been a topic of discussion. Napoleon was measured at a measly 5 feet 2 inches at the time of his death but he was actually 5 feets and 7 inches long. Well, there always have been confusion about his height, it is because of the language gap between the English and the French, the French took the unit of an inch to be longer than what it was.


Well, this is how they stack towels.

5. Well, Kitty isn’t a cat but a human. The bubble was breaked by the brand owner Sanrio. “Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold”.


Not all potato chips are 100% potatoes and this is the reason why they are smooth and crispy. They’re only 40% potato flakes, while the rest is starch, flour, and water.


Not all paving blocks are actual blocks.


Well, owl have longer legs. The legs serves their purpose of hunting their prey.


After a blind test the reports revealed, coke tastes different from each container.Although company does its best to regulate the taste but the containers could react mildly with the liquid making it taste a little different.


Goldfish have a memory span of more than 3 seconds, well this statement which we believed is wrong. Scientists say that their memory span can last up to six months!


Diamonds are cheap carbon in excess. The reason that diamonds seems so rare and are expensive is because of a market ploy played hundred years ago.


Stop blaming flying moths for your ruined clothes. Most of the moths you see are adult moths, and they don’t eat your clothes. Also, don’t forget to wash your clothes after you see a moth sitting on your clothes, their larva which feeds on your clothes.


Well, the famous lollipops ‘Chupa-Chups’ is not a US Brand. It was conceived by Enric Bernat from Barcelona, Spain, and the logo was created by Salvador Dali himself.


Sorry this one was a joke!

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