10 Criminals Who Did Crime For The Welfare Of Other People


The world has seen many badass criminals that have done some chilling crimes. However, there have been a few criminals as well, who were born with a heart of gold but a badass mind. They did crime but for the welfare of other people.

In this article we bring you 10 real life robin hoods that marked their names in the history Have a look :


1. Dr. Ozel Clifford :


Dr. Ozel Clifford from Brazil was working in a government hospital. He granted financial aid to thousands of African-American teens for their education and their families as well, at the expense of US government. He used to act as the mentor for thousands of people.

2. Saint Basil, the blessed :

Saint Basil was born in the year 1469 and he was sait to be a mirror reflection of Jesus Christ. He was a shoemaker, however, he used to do charitable work for the poor and needy people by stealing goods from greedy and rich shopkeepers and then distributing them to ones in need.

3. Pablo Escobar :

Pablo was a famous drug dealer of Columbia, popularly known as the Robinhood of Columbia. He supplied 80% cocaine in the United States and used to distribute all the money he used to earn to poor people and to the lower caste people. He also constructed schools, hospitals and even churches for them.

4. Pancho Villa :

Pancho was a merciless murderer but with a heart of gold that used to beat for the orphans. He used to steal money and cattle from the rich people and then used to donate them to needy orphans and charitable trusts.

5. Nakamura Jirokichi :

Born in Tokya, Nakamura Jirokichi was the hero of Japan. He used to steal money at night and used to distribute the money during the daytime. In the year 1831, he committed his biggest robbery and stole 30,000 Ryo but got arrested.

6. Kayamkulum Kochunni :

Kayamkulum Kochunn was a very popular bandit who was active in the 19th century. KayamKulum was against the moneylenders, therefore, he used to rob them and distribute the money to all the lower caste people who were  exploited by them.

7. Jake Bugg :

Jake Bugg the indie-folk singer born on 28th Feb 1994 in England. He distributes money and provides financial aid to musical programs and school and also pays for the rehearsal space for them and for their instruments.

8. Boss Yu :

Known by the name ‘Boss Yu’, the man was arrested for stealing about $80,000 worth property and money. He distributed all the money to charitable trusts and welfares but lead a shallow life himself.

9. John Dillinger :

Born in the year, 1903 in Indiana, John Dillinger was considered as the Robinhood of depression era of United States. He was a gangster but used to donate his proceedings to the poor ones. He gave most of his money and assets to the lower caste people.

10. Leonarda Emilia :

Born in the year 1842 in Mexico, Leonarda’s lover was captured and later executed. His execution led her to take the revenge in Mexico. She started stealing and robbing the rich travelers and used to distribute the profit to the poor and needy people. She even went ahead and killed all the government officials, who tried to stop her way.

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