Top 10 Richest (by GDP) Cities In India


India is a diverse country with different languages and religions but it has never halted the growth of the country .Over the years India has grown as an economy.

Some cities have become richer which is reflected in the growth in the GDP. Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in the city over a year. Let us check how these cities rank in terms of GDP.


10. Vishakhapatnam:

With a GDP of $26 billion, Vishakhapatnam ranks 10th in this list. This city is fast becoming the industrial capital of the country. Steel plants, IT sector and banking sector majorly contributes to the GDP of this city. If the trend continues, this city of Andhra Pradesh will soon become one of the riches cities in India.

9. Surat:

Surat of Gujrat, is 9th in this list with GDP of $40 billion. This city has fast become the economic capital of Gujrat. There are many industries that have flourished in this state over time. Diamond cutting and polishing industry, textile industry, steel and petrochemical industry all contribute to the massive GDP.

8. Pune:

Pune is one of India’s largest growing cities. With GDP of $48 billion Pune occupies the 8th spot in this list. The emergence of education sector, massive IT industry, automobile, glass and sugar sector have all helped to increase the GDP of the city.

7. Ahmedabad:

Another city of state of Gujrat makes our list at number 7. The main industry of the city is textile industry. But with the emergence of banking sector and corporate investments the GDP of the city has become $64 billion. Focus on tourism has also contributed to it.

6. Chennai:

With GDP of $66 billion, Chennai is 6th in this list. This south Indian city has now become the biggest educational, commercial, industrial and cultural center of south India. The most notable industries of Chennai are Software and Software services, automobiles, banking and finance, medical tourism and textile.

5. Hyderabad:

Although Hyderabad was previously known for diamond and pearl trading, in recent years IT industry, Biopharmaceutical industry and real estate has flourished. Number of manufacturing industries, financial institutions and research centers have increased. Now the GDP of the city is $74 billion.

4. Bangalore:

With the emergence of IT industry, Bangalore has become on the richest cities in India and currently stands at 4th place. The city has GDP of $83 billion which have been influenced by IT industry, Aerospace and Aviation industries, Biotechnology and number of startups.

3. Kolkata:

The educational and cultural hub of eastern India, Kolkata is 3rd in this list with GDP of $150 billion. Textile, steel, pharmaceuticals and mining industries play a major role in the grand GDP of the city. In the last 10 years the city has also improved in the IT front.

2. Delhi:

The capital of the country, Delhi comes second in this list with GDP of $167 billion. Being one of the biggest commercial cities in South Asia, Delhi has attracted major foreign investment. Retail, construction, telecom and power sectors have really contributed massively.


With a huge GDP of $209 billion, Mumbai remains no 1 in this list. The city is famous for its movie industry which contributes massively. However scientific and nuclear research has also flourished and helped the GDP of the city.