This Woman Live Tweeted 2 Wives Planning To Catch Their Cheating Husbands


There are very few people in the world who do not enjoy scandals and controversies. These become more interesting when you come to know about the deepest and darkest secrets about someone’s life.

There is Brittney-Jade Colangelo, a 27 year old woman who was realizing at an airport bar in Ohio when she overheard two women beside her discussing with each other and making a secret plan.


The hilariousness of the situation led her to live tweet this immediately by spreading the news to others. Although she did not know the names of these ladies, in her tweet, she had named them as the Short Lady and the Gum Lady.


In a series of tweets, she described how the two women were taking of suspecting their husbands to be gay and they were planning to fly cross country for the same. To her, the Gum Lady was the more experienced one and advised the other what to do in such a complicated situation.

Also, they kept on sharing the Halloween costumes and imagined theri husbands in the roles of Bert and Emile. Both the ladies were going just crazy and apparently, they were laughing and crying at the same time.

The two women had also been said to have watched movies on Netflix regarding this particular issue. They are also convinced that in case both their husbands turn out to be sleeping with each other, they would become sister even after losing their husbands.

The ladies had no idea about their conversation and they had no continuity of it either. From such a serious issue of their husbands being gay, they moved on the watching cute animal videos and rejoicing at it.

Later on, they also headed to Chicago taking a 45 minute flight from the place and went on to confront their respective husbands. The Short Lady was almost on the verge of crying. It is also known from her tweets that the names of the husbands are Jeffrey and Richard.

So here is an alert for all the Jeffreys and Richards in Chicago. Please be safe and keep your homosexual activities on hold till your wives give you a surprise visit. The entire citizens of Twitter burst out laughing at this. Rgey got a lot of entertainment from these and even some of them advised to make movies on this issue.