The image of Sadhus has taken a blow in the last few years in India. Because of some fraud elements, who looted people (their followers?) in the name of god. However, the good thing is that they have been caught and many of them are serving their sentences in jail.


But, if we look back into history, India has been a land of sadhgurus, gurus, yogi and sadhus. They follow a path of spiritual discipline, dedicated to achieving moksha. India is a country perceived as the land of sadhus and saints since time immemorial.

In this post, we will tell you about Muni Baba, famously known as the ‘Silent Baba’ who will reinforce your faith in their holy beliefs and teachings.


A sadhu, Muni Baba, popularly known as the ‘Silent Baba’ of the Ganges is a silent monk who hasn’t spoken for almost ten years. Muni Baba lives in a base stone ashram at a height of 14,200 feet in a meadow called Tapovan in the Himalayan range.

He lives a life of solitude without anyone’s company and people say that he hasn’t spoken to anyone in nearly ten years.

“My guru encouraged me to begin a fasting of silence and maintain it as long as I could. He will probably scold me for giving this interview”, Baba was quoted as saying by Gabdig. 

Baba didn’t speak but he knows how to write and that is how he communicates if at all he does any.

Why is he silent? 

Muni Baba believes that by offering his prayers to the Sacred Ganges he can help humanity and solve the problems which prevail in our society. He also believes that it is only because of these divine mantras that India, despite all the inhuman acts, is still moving on strongly.

Muni Baba used to work as a clerk in the Ministry of Health but his boss didn’t like him because he used to pray aloud all the time. After adjusting till the age of 36, Muni Baba decided to leave his job and became a Sadhu and started living in a cage in Tapovan.

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