This Man Didn’t Poop For 13 Years And Here’s What Happened


It is our daily habit to clear our faeces at least once in the early morning or any time of the day. Even films were made regarding this matter. It is quite agreeable that expel of the stools makes everyone to carry out the tasks very smoothly by uplifting the mood.

But many people are there who has to suffer from constipation. Unable to discharge stools has always led to lot of problems like severe indigestion, vomiting, nausea and even to death!


Many cases have been reported like this. Recently it is heard that a girl of 16 years age had severe heart attack as she has not gone to the toilet for about eight weeks. The side effect of not pooping is that it causes the stomach to bloat, the bowels enlarge so much that it squeezes the other internal organs, as a result of which the chest activities are largely stopped and the uneasiness and breathing problem may lead to death also.

There is another weird incident where a man did not poop for long 13 years and died early at 29. He also suffered from Hirschsprung’s Disease which causes hindrance for the passage of stools due to blocked colon. His colon is preserved in the Mutter Museum of Philadelphia and is known as mega colon.

It is to be noted that his colon was 25 feet long, 8 feet in area containing loads of poops. He had been under medical supervision under long times and he used to amuse people with his peculiarity as a Balloon Man.

The man was only about five and a half feet but his colon weighed for 40 pounds. The disease he had been suffering is present in the child since birth as it is a congenital disease.

Though curable at young age, he man perhaps did not go for the surgery as a result it passed to his adulthood.  Hirschsprung’s Disease prevents the large intestine to pass the poop outside.


It is known that a baby who does not poop within 24 hours of birth may have this problem. Other symptoms include brown or green vomit, bloody diarrhea and on insertion of the doctor’s finger in the rectum, he may have stool bursting.

So it is always advised to poop regularly and lead a healthy life. It is also to be noted that constipation is curable.