We love Bollywood and our favourite stars, don’t we? We are always keen to know about their personal lives for we believe that their personal lives our public entities just because they are celebrities. No wonder why we are always enthusiastic to know more and more about them and explore the unexplored. Poor celebrities don’t realise that they lost their right to a private life the very moment they became celebrities! Haha, yes indeed! They are called celebrities because their life is a public entity and sadly or gladly they just can’t maintain a “private life” We love them and it’s legit that we look up to them for our daily dose of entertainment and interesting facts. 


So, here’s a sneak peek into the unseen! Here are wives of Bollywood stars which not many have seen but still we have managed to bring them to your notice! Oh yes you can’t thank us later! Let’s not waste time now and get peeping into the personal lives of our favourite Bollywood stars. 


1.Emraan Hashmi’s wife Praveen Shahani 

You’ve not seen her at any Page 3 party for perhaps Emraan likes to keep his personal life really personal.  Emraan and Praveen married each other in 2006.Praveen Shahani is indeed the coolest wife ever given what Emraan is best at doing on screen. #understandinggoals! 


2.Irfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikandar  

You’d be lying if you say you know who his wife is before you read this! Liar Liar pants on fire! Irfan and Sutapa tied the knot in 1995. 

3.Govinda’s Wife


Govinda was a king of comedy in his era and a hero highly acclaimed. He was great at tickling our laughter bones and we love him for that. His wife Sunita Ahuja has always remained far from the B Town Buzz. They got married in 1987. 

4.Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘ s wife Anjali 

He’s become a benchmark of acting in Bollywood and has won hearts with each of his performance. 

5.Sharman Joshi’s wife Prerna 

Raju Rastogi from 3 Idiots has kept his personal life quite literally personal. Many wouldn’t even know that he’s married. Sharman is married to Prem Chopra’s daughter.


6.Shekhar Suman’s wife Alka 

Together with each other since 1983!  

7.Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja Deol 

Pooja is the lucky girl to whom this ‘Dhai kilo ka haath’ went to hold her hand. Despite several rumours he has kept his marriage graced. 

8.Sohail Khan’s wife Seema Khan 

Sallu Bhai ke Bhaijan ki First Lady se miliye! Seema Khan is the better half of Sohail Khan. They’ve been married since 1998. 

9.Himesh Reshammiya’s wife Komal (ex-wife)

The music director turned actor’s wife is not someone everyone knows about or the former wife we must say. The 22 year old marriage has ended in a divorce this year. 

10.Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Singh 

Yo Yo Honey Singh is Shalini’s honey since 2011. It’s long since we saw him last! Where’s he?