We bet that you had never come across these super smart animals

Most of us love animals and have a desire to have one as a pet. Even if we don’t have our own, we do not think twice before we start to adore them. However, most of the animals although look very quiet, in case of their smartness, they can give you a tough competition. Here we present 14 such animals:


This thirsty crow is smart enough to drink water from the spout.


Mobile phones are now waterproof and forget human, even monkeys can use these while in water.

Here is a multi-talented and responsible dog who helps to keep the environment clean.

Besides grabbing the real mouse, this cat can also grab the one you use for computer and do certain important tasks for you.

Is is very much a known fact that elephants have excellent IQ. However, have you ever come across this picture where this cute creature is drawing a lovely image of one of the family members holding pencil with the trunk?

Please someone immediately start a bus service which will carry cow along with humans? I mean just look at this adorable cow for once. Your heart will melt.

This dog has amazing balancing skills. See how amazingly he balances himself on the top of such things.

“After a lot of activities, it is finally my time to relax a bit. So let me rest on the chair”, says this smart elephant.

A very rare capture of this elephant decking up for a very important event. There is no doubt in the fact that he is looking very handsome.

So traffic police now have a good companion who can perform their work many be even better.

I wonder how lucky thee owner is! See how sweetly his pet is riding on him, who is, in turn, riding a bike.

In order to keep bears happy, one should definitely consider giving them a good rode in the bicycle.

It’s not legal when three people ride a scooter, But it’s all okay if the fourth rider is a monkey grabbing the former rider’s back to gain support.

Here is another example of maintaining the perfect balance. I think if Darwin was alive, he would have definitely considered this goat as an experiment foe his theory of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

So from now one, don’t be surprised if you see such talented creatures around you.