In 1947, India And Pakistan Both Got Their Independence , But Why It Was 71st For Pak & 72nd For India


Yesterday, the whole country celebrated the Independence Day 2018 with unity. The whole country was filled with the colors of love and prosperity. However, there was something which left everyone in confusion and eventually, it became a matter of debate on social media.

Well, it was the count of Independence Day. Considering the fact that India and Pakistan both got independence on the same year, i.e, 1947, the Indian government claimed it to be the 72nd Independence Day, on the other hand, Pakistani government claimed this year to be their 71st Independence Day.


Here, have a look at the official tweet of Pakistan Government :

Here, have a look at the official Tweet by PIB (on behalf of Indian Govt) where they claimed 15th August to be there’s 72nd Independence Day, :

This is the complete case which has left everyone confused and has created a buzz on social media. You must be wondering who is right here and who is wrong here? Well, in order to clear all your confusion, we researched the matter with detail and you will be shocked but the mistake is from India’s side.

Yes, if we count mathematically, it’s obvious if we got our Independence in the year 1947, then we celebrated our 1st Independence Anniversary in 1948, 2nd Independence Day Anniversary in 1949 and similarly, 71st in the year 2018, i.e, yesterday.

Now, let’s see where our count went wrong :

As we mentioned above, India got Independence in the year 1947, which means we celebrated our 60th Independence Anniversary in the year 2007.

It was Manmohan Singh who was serving as the Prime Minister of India back then in 2007. In his speech he also called it the 60th Independence Day. Here, have a look at an excerpt from his speech :

My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children
Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Independence. My greetings to you all on this day of national celebration

Here, have a look at the screenshot of the same :

In 2012 as well, everything was going right. We celebrated 65th anniversary and Manmohan Singh called it 65th anniversary as well. Here, have a look at an excerpt of the same :

My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children,

I greet you all on this anniversary of our Independence.
The leaders of our freedom movement, under the stewardship of Mahatma Gandhi, had dreamt of an independent and prosperous India. On this day in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took the first step towards the realization of that dream by hoisting the Tricolour at the Red Fort. The journey we began on 15 August, 1947 is now 65 years old. We have achieved much in these 65 years.

Here, have a look at the screenshot of the same :


However, the confusion started from the year 2013 when Manmohan Singh gave his last speech in which he didn’t mention the year count of the anniversary. You can read the speech of Manmohan Singh in 2013 here.

In May 2017, Narendra Modi was elected as the new PM of India. That year India celebrated it’s 67th anniversary but Narendra Modi didn’t mention the count in his speech as well.

Meanwhile the Indian media was confused badly and started doing all the confused reporting. They called Independence Day 2011 as 65th, 2014 as 68th and so on. Have a look :

Adding more fuel to the fire and making it more confusing, in the year 2015 Prime Minister’s official website called the 68th Independence Day as 69th. Which eventually led to more confusion. Here, have a look at the screenshot of the same :

And from there on all the confusion happened and wrong reporting started. It was Narendra Modi who called the count wrong, which made all the confusion. In the year 2016, PM Modi himself declared the Independence Day 2016 as 70th Anniversary, however, it was 69th anniversary. Here, read an excerpt from his speech :

My dear countrymen,
From the ramparts of Red Fort, I greet 125 crore fellow countrymen – within and outside India, on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day.
On this 70th festival of freedom, we have a new resolve, a new resolution, a new enthusiasm, a new vitality to take country to new and greater heights. Our freedom reminds us of the sacrifice of our freedom fighters and their devotion to the cause of freedom through struggle and sacrifice. On this occasion, we remember those young people who went willingly to gallows. We are breathing today in free India, thanks to Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru and many other great leaders and people who struggled and worked consistently towards freedom of the country.

Well, this is how Independence Day of 2017 became 71st and Independence Day of 2018 became 72nd. Here’s screenshot of articles from Times Of India (Written in 2007 and 2017):-

We really feel that Government should correct this confusion. This mess really needs to be clear now. We really wonder what will happen on the 100th Independence Day, while Pakistan will celebrate it in the year 2047 and India will celebrate it on 2046?? Well, this issue really needs to resolved now.

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