According To Researchers This Is The Right Age To Get Married


According To Researchers This Is The Right Age To Get Married: When we speak of marriages it’s much more than our own careers and preferences, we have a shipload of societal, parental and peer pressures to manage.

As we exit from our graduation or post graduation, there is a steadily mounting burden to get ‘settled’, in order to get married.


Different families and cultures have different norms, expectations and priorities. This debate about the right age to get married is an omnipresent battle between parents and kids, especially girls.


 Parents cite many reasons; amongst them biological reason of the right age of pregnancy holds an important position. But of course, society and custom have always been the true precursors.

A recent study tries to identify the right age to get married; it ditches the custom and tradition reasons and instead focuses on both psychological/sociological and biological factors to identify the right reasons.

The study was held under Nicholas H Wolfinger, Professor at University of Utah of the Sociology Department. He deals with Sociology, obviously, and Family and Consumer studies.

The professor’s area of study includes many more studies like Effects of children on a woman’s academic career, or like the marriage success rate of individuals belonging from divorced families.

In the particular study the conclusion they reach is that the appropriate age for marriage is from 28 to 32. It seems like just the sweet spot away from both too early and too late.

Many families would already disapprove of this age as most prefer the youngsters to get married by their mid twenties, but at the very most, advocate the time of late twenties and will be scandalized at anything beyond it. But this is not an age the study came upon randomly. It explains in detail its reasons to do so.

They explain first the delay in age. According to study, and one may assume according to common sense too, we get more mature with age. So a couple getting married at that age would be more compatible and understanding.

Additionally, by that age couples are also in better financial conditions so they can manage themselves better. While the age bracket’s limit is due to their observation that going beyond the age of 32 increases the chance of getting divorced, because supposedly the people who wait till thirties to get married might not be the suitable or compatible in married life in first place.

While the study gives many arguments for and against marriage for us, but we have to take this study with a pinch of salt as this was observed in a western society;but it doesn’t lose its authenticity completely as the reasons given are not culturally specific

 So get ready with a new argument to fuel your marriage battles!