India is a country which has a strong bond of unity among diversities. Each and every Indian is proud of their country and never leaves a single chance to boast about the rich culture and heritage of the country.

However, every coin has two sides. While Indians are on one hand very proud of their nation, on the other hand, there are certain things they are not at all happy about. Check out those:


In the world of competition and the number of seats in the service sector being limited, the students at time are not being able to take the pressure of competitive exams and often commit suicide.

Minorities are always given opportunities by virtue of politics.


The things that are shown in Indian television are crap, both in terms of stories and direction.

No matter how strong a woman you are, if you are an Indian, being a mother is compulsory.

No matter whether they are ready, the youngsters are not worthy if they do not settle down in their 20s.

These intolerable songs of Bollywood are nauseous.

Women can neither initiate sex and nor can they take pleasure from it.

People here are more interested about others’ personal lives than theirs.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, women have to wear a bra when they are in public.


We are tired of men peeing and spitting in public.

Whenever someone commits suicide, people are always ready to rand them as an idiot or a loser, without wanting to know the reason behind the commitment.

After the elections, the democratic rulers all of a sudden turn into autocrats.

While the government fail to give protection to women, they are always ready to express opinions regarding how a woman should be.

While people remain very much careful about cleaning their house and place, they are hardly concerned with throwing wastes on the road.