8 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend


Once, the King of Romance said that “Pyaar Dosti Hai….” and we couldn’t agree more to that. Didn’t we just loved watching Rahul and Anjali’s chemistry as bestfriends-turned-lovers?

Well, coming back to the real world, the most important thing that takes is a relationship is understanding and trust; and when it comes to these factors, we don’t trust anyone more than our best friends and no one understands us better than our best friends.


Here, in this article we bring you some facts that will prove why should you marry your best friend, here have a look :

1. Always there for you :


 Because you are married to your best friend, you will always have a friend by your side, be it 2 in the night or in the day, your best friend will always be there for you. Being best friends of each other, you guys have already been there for each other in every thick and thin, and you will always be there in all the ups and downs as well. –

2. Trust and understandings :

Every relationship requires trust and understanding. So, many marriages break and couple have to break apart because of the absence of trust and understandings. However, in your case there will be nothing like this. As our best friends trusts you more than they trust themselves and no one understands us better than our best friends.

3. No unnecessary tiffs :

Tiffs about each other’s past always play a spoil-sport. However, in your case there will never be tiffs on each other’s past, as no one can know about your pat mistakes better than your best friends.

4. You will always have a shoulder to cry on :

You can’t hide your true emotions from your best friend, no matter how sad or depressed you are, your best friend will always notice your mood. You will always have a shoulder to cry on, no matter what.

5. You’ll never stop laughing :

As you are each other’s best friends, you both share the same sense of humor and know every bit that might make the other one smile. There will never be a dull moment with your best friend by your side.

6. You’ll always have a company :

Be it watching movies or shopping or eating ‘gol-gappas’ or netflix and chill, since you are married to your best friend, you will always have a company.

7. Loyal :

The biggest problem in relationships these days is people are not loyal with each other, however, a partner might cheat you but a true best friend will never ditch you.

8. You can be you :

Well, our best version comes out infront of our bestfriends. They are the ones who never judges us for a single thing. They know about you in and out, about your goals and aims, more than any one else in the world. They know about your strength and weaknesses and they will always respect your opinions and views about everything. They are probably the ones who have seen you in your pyjamas and in your best dressed avatars. You can always be you when you are married to your best friend.

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