If there’s one person in India who inspite of being humiliated and trolled several times, still has the audacity to interact with people on social media, it is undoubtedly Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK. It’s very rare that his words make sense and more often than not, he talks bullshit which often unleashes a barrage of hatred against him on twitter.


He often indulges in baseless arguments and most of his tweets are so nerve-wrecking that people are forced to abuse him. But KRK being KRK, doesn’t refrain from posting absurd things and on some day if he’s done trolling politicians and celebrities, he utilizes his time in sharing personal updates about himself and his family only to be further trolled by netizens.

A similar incident happened yesterday when KRK shared an incident involving his daughter but as always got massively trolled by people. He had purchased an iPhone 8 for his daughter but the way his daughter refused to take it, gave a field day to twitter.


Here’s what he tweeted,”I bought iPhone8 for my daughter n she refused to take it n said-I am not a #2RsPpl so I want iPhoneX! Lol! She is using my dialogue only.”

His daughter used his #2RsPpl remark and returned the phone, demanding an iPhone X. Her reaction prompted twitteratis to troll her with some even forming the notion, “Beti toh baap be gayi hai”.

Here’s how twitter reacted to KRK’s tweet:

1- Puri family hi pagal hai.

2- Brutal!

3- Warning bell for KRK!

4- Teri aukaat hi kya hai?

5- Asli #2rs KRK hi hai.

6- Don’t become like your dad.

7- KRK or iPhone? What a joke!