Creativity is a crazy art considering it can be applied anywhere, be it making an airplane or designing an advertisement hoarding for a brand. In India, companies spend millions on brand endorsements and try to infuse maximum creativity in their ads so as to catch the eyeballs of masses.

While most of the companies prefer to get a big superstar on board, some companies just used sheer creativity to come up with some of the most catchy hoardings ever. They designed the most creative, intelligent, meaningful hoardings which caught everyone’s eye.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 13 most creative ad hoardings ever designed by Indian companies.

1- After all there are millionaire beggars in India. 

2- Mahindra’s old ‘black & white’ print captured the essence of our mentality.

3- Kolkata police used the legendary cover picture of ‘Abbey Road’ by Beatles in one of their safety campaigns.

4- The Hindu very brilliantly trolled Times Of India for it’s excessive ads.

5- When white is what you provide. Stay white with Ariel. The most subtle ad hoarding ever. 

6- This ad by Indian Post brilliantly depicts their motto ‘Don’t turn a blind eye to accident victims’.

7- An innovative and bloody ad by Bangalore Traffic Police caught the eye of everyone.Stop talking on phone while driving!

8- Because Tide hai to white hai.

9- WTF! Bill gates is a priceless ass….

10- Total satisfaction at one go.

11- A heart touching ad to raise awareness about disability.

12- Yahoo couldn’t catch up with Facebook but their advertisement team came up with this brilliant ad board. 

13- This 3D anti-smoking ad struck where it hurts the most.