India is a land of brave hearts, with several people risking their lives everyday to fulfill their jobs. While we sit in our Air Conditioned offices and crab about our work, these brave hearts carry on doing their job, although they just tend to cross the level of sanity every time they step onto work.

These people don’t believe in any scientific logic and follow their own guidelines and rules. They would climb up an electrical pole barefoot and would still have the audacity to touch them with bare hands.


This post is dedicated to such brave hearts who defied all common sense and flirted with danger. The team of Funniest Indian brings for you 15 pictures of incredible brave men from India who went against common sense and still did their job.

1- This man jumped into a tiger enclosure, scared it away and then did yoga in the enclosure. WTF!


2- Who fixes electric wires with bare hands? Only an Indian would do this. Heights of being confident and brave.

3- A big salute to his bravery.

4- Just one bad moment and the whole jugaad goes to waste. Just too much of risk. 

5- Why did this man choose the riskiest place for drying his clothes?

6- Should I call it bravery or stupidity? But it is definitely not the right spot to chill.

7- The dumbest stunt in the history.


8- They don’t even need a ladder to climb. Masters of jugaad.

9- Sleeping like a boss!

10- This man is the real Khatron ka Khiladi. 

11- What a stunt by this old man! Incredible India!


12- Just too much of balls!

13- And we call our jobs tough. Irony of India.

14- This man had the balls to do it.

15- And the award for common sense of the year goes to this gentleman who thought electrical fire could be doused off with water.