The place where we are today or would be in future, our teachers deserve a honorable mention for that. They are the stepping stones of our success, they are the ones who turned naughty, ignorant kids to beautiful, intelligent ladies and gentlemen. They were friendly with us, sometimes strict, but they inculcated values inside us and prepared us to lead our lives in the best possible way.

On the occasion of Teachers day, let us remember all our teachers and go back into those beautiful days. They made us smile, laugh, cry but never left us behind and always took care of us. They said many peculiar things back then but now when we think about it,they were adorably cute.


Here Are 12 Funny Things Every Teacher Said:

1- Talk Loudly! Didn’t you have anything for Breakfast?( Kuch bolo. Subah nashta nahin kiye kyaa?)

For most of us, the day started like this every morning.

2- Pin Drop Silence Please!( Bilkul chup ho jao)

And even the whole class was quiet, the teacher could still hear some rumbling in the class.

3- I will throw you out of the window!( Khidki se bahar fek dunga tumhe)

But it never happened!

4- This is not a fish market!(Machi bazar nahi hai yeh)

But everyday we converted our class rooms in to fish market.

5- Just 5 more mins(10 mins after the recess has started)(Bus 5 min or)

And we all hated that teacher.

6- You don’t look attentive. Where’s your mind?(Kahan gayab ho, Parai mein dimaag nahi lagra tumhara)

And we wondered how were they able to catch us every time we were not attentive.

7- This is the worst section in the school! I should not teach you( Sabsey badtameez section hai yeh pure school ka)

And the very next day, it was the best in the town.

8- Sharing is not allowed in my class. Get your own things( Meri class mein apna saman lao)

But we loved sharing.

9- You are not allowed to talk in my class. Get out of the class and talk( Meri class mein baat nahi karna. Bahar jake baat karo)

And I always requested God to give me the courage to do it. Alas, he didn’t!

10- Are you here only to waste your parents money?( Sirf Maa Baap ka paisa kharab karne aaye ho school mein)

They said it so many times that we even started believing in it

11- Be in discipline. The principal is on a round( Bilkul chup ho jao. Principal sir round pe hai)

12- Do you think I am a fool?( Mujhey befkuf samjha hai)

Bit with utter honesty, not a single student ever felt this way about their teachers( atleast till school)