11 Super Funny Matrimonial Ads By Indian Parents


Marriage is a beautiful bond where you spend the entire lifetime with the partner of your dream and live happily ever after. One of the best ways in the current time to find your life partner is to do it through the matrimonial services.

Indian marriages are all about a lot of rituals and excitement that is enjoyed by all.  Although there are matrimonial sites coming up, the conventional way to find your life partner was through the newspapers.


You would find numerous advertisements with numerous variations. There are certain typical parents who never get out of their sick mentality and keep on posting stupid advertisements in the newspapers elaborating their demands. However, you would be shocked to see the demands and criteria provided by these parents for their children. So here are 11 such advertisements.


Here is a 48 year old man who claims himself to look like 40 and is looking for a fair bride and he would definitely do the bride’s family a favour by marrying her without dowry.

Pay attention everyone! Any homely girl for this innocent divorcee?

Previously we had heard about caste no bar but now visa too, is not a bar when it comes to marriage1

What the hell are you looking for man? Do Pranayam with your wife throughout the day?

All the boys please leave your mamas and call her! And remember, you will be sued if you ever comment on her dressing.

“Non-vegetarian” Bride anyone? We bet it would be sizzling!

This family has no idea about their qualification and their needs. Why do you even waste money and time by putting advertisements?

Software Engineers face serious problems while searching for a job. Now, the brides also hanged a strict no-no for them! Where will they go yaar!

Alright this one is hilarious. If you use Facebook, then you are not a good girl. So don’t even think of getting married to a decent boy!

First of all I wasrer a lot of time in reading this matrimonial ad and then I am finding this to be totally creepy. Also the parents claim their son to be stupid!

Are they sure they need brides? If so, then how many and for how many and for what purpose?