If we ever have to define Indian politics in two words, it would be apt to call it  ‘Sophisticated Drama’, as it perfectly amalgamates our sophisticated Indian politicians with high voltage political drama. With each political party indulging in a tirade of political blame games to score brownie points, our political system is ravaged with fun and humor.

So, have you ever wondered how would our Indian politicians address each other if they are given the liberty to use a Bollywood dialogue? Well, in this post the team of Funniest Indian has compiled a list of Indian politics and the dialogues they would most probably use to counter other politicians or express their pain.


Here is the list:

1- Narendra Modi

Gujarat se hun, Apni pe aagaya na, to Rahul Gandhi ko India se bahar nikal dunga.( I am from Meerut, If I come in form, will make sure Rahul Gandhi gets deported from India).

(Dialogue Inspiration: Arshad Warsi in Jolly LLB)

2- Amit Shah

Rahul ko Marunga nahi, uski keh ke lunga.( Won’t beat Rahul, Uski Keh ke lunga)

Dialogue Inspiration: Gangs Of Wasseypur

3- Nitish Kumar

‘Lalu Yadav agar tum zyada baklol kiye, to tumhare itne corruption scam uthayenge, ki tum bhul jaogey ki sirf chara khaye ya pura Bihar’. ( Lalu Yadav if you continue to malign me, I will expose so many of your scams, that you will yourself forget how many scams you have done).

Dialogue Inspiration: Dabangg

4- Yogi Adityanath

‘Gau Mata tum sirf meri ho, meri. Tum kisi ki nahi ho sakti.( I am the biggest cow lover)

Dialogue Inspiration: Dhadkan

5- Lal Krishna Advani

Arey humko to milke BJP valo ne loota, congress mein kaha dum thaa, hamari kashti vaha doobi, jaha president banna confirm thaa.( It’s because of BJP leaders I lost, otherwise Congress was toothless)

6- Sonia Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi

Tumse Na ho payega beta. Tumhare Lakshan hume kuch theek nahin lagytey.( Son, you won’t be able to do it. I don’t see that spark in you)