The Real Reason Why Salman Khan’s Family Adopted Arpita And Treated Her Like A Princess


Salman Khan is, arguably, the biggest star in Bollywood at the moment. In the last 5 years or so, he has given many big box-office performances and established himself as the number 1 actor in Bollywood. His persona and style is bigger than any other Bollywood star because he doesn’t need to anything special to impress his fans.


However, this post is not about the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. It’s about his sister Arpita. Arpita is a very popular name among Salman Khan fans because the way Salman organised her wedding and treated her like a princess. Massive arrangements were made and it was a Khan-tastic extravaganza by Salman Khan and his family.

Here’s how Salim Khan met Arpita and made her a part of his and his family’s life.


-> Born on August 1, 1989, Arpita was adopted by Salman’s parents Salim and Salma Khan. However, there are many different stories having surfaced about Arpita’s adoption.

-> It is said that Arpita’s mother was a beggar and she died immediately after giving birth to Arpita. Repeatedly, Salim Khan and his first wife Salma saw little Arpita crying next to her mother’s dead body. And they decided to adopt her. Salim Khan felt that god wants him to take care of this child and he listened to his heart.

-> However, some reports also say that it was Salim’s second wife Helen, who adopted Arpita. However, there is no clarity on the matter.

Salim Khan always told his family members, specially sons that Arpita is now their responsibility and they will give everything they can to make her happy. From her education to luxuries, Khans never made her feel that she is an outsider. In fact, they treat her like a princess daughter and sister.

Salim Khan believes that Arpita is god’s blessing in his life and consider her as his good luck charm, and so does Salman Khan who loves her very dearly.

-> Arpita studied at London College of Fashion and holds a degree in fashion marketing and management. Currently she is working at an architectural and interior design firm in Mumbai.

-> Khan family has always given their best to Apita. From her education to marriage, everything was served on a silver, rather platinum platter, for her. Salim Khan, who is one of the nicest members of Indian film industry and brought her up like his own daughter and his sons Salman, Arbaz and Sohail love Arpita like their own sister.

-> Arpita always wanted to get married in a palace and therefore Salman has booked the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad for her wedding. This proves that Salman Khan has a big heart and he can do anything for his loved ones.

This is what Arpita said in her wedding speech:

“I am the luckiest girl to be brought up in a family like mine. Sohail bhai and I shared the same room until he got married – he’s like a friend to me. Arbaaz bhai is like my guide, he always told me what’s good and what’s bad. Salman bhai though, has the biggest heart. For him, I can do no wrong. Everything I did, he was there to support me.”