We are a Bollywood crazy nation and we just love our movies. A large part of our lifestyle is influenced by how life is presented in Bollywood movies or even fashion trends for that matter. But sometimes a few Bollywood movies can be really confusing and make you really curious and bewildered. Would you not agree to this?

But when we say confusing that does not mean necessarily that these movies were terrible in terms of plot or way too melodramatic or miserable. It’s about how these movies challenged the curiosity of the audience and went about breaking the ice for they were not just any other Bollywood movie.


So, Here Are 12 Most Confusing Bollywood Movies Of All Times

12. 3 Deewarien(2012)


This is a brilliant movie but with complexities. It is about 3 prisoners who end up being friends despite the initial reluctance. But after the 3 end up being great friends, things flip drastically and its all about complexities then.

11. Talaash (2012)

Aamir Khan so extraordinarily holds the movie together playing a cop. The movie has some really fascinating thrill and horror elements which keep you interested all the times. But during the course of the movie, there are so many twists which catch you off guard.

10. Talwar (2015)

This movie is based on the real-life double murder case that happened in Noida. Its a fine and intelligent piece of drama but then the perspectives keep changing so frequently and the audience does not get any concrete views. It turns too complex in the course of the film.

9. Drishyam

This was a really interesting movie in terms of how it had so much thrill and suspense in store. We loved the plot and Ajay Devgan did a brilliant justice to it. But things twisting so drastically and perspectives transforming so quickly caught us off guard.

8. Kaun

This is un/ arguably the best performance by Urmila Mantodkar and one of the best by Manoj Vajpayee. Both were just brilliant in this movie written by Anurag Kashyap. The movie goes through a lot of confusing twists and turns and hence it’s so unpredictable.

7. Rockstar

This Imtiaz Ali movie is brilliant by all means and we loved Ranbir for the powerful role of Jordan in this movie. A strong story and AR Rahman’s music, what more can you ask for in the movie? But then the movie travels between the flashback and the present to drastically and abruptly. There is so much transforming so quickly and that just keeps you guessing.

6. Kahaani

This Vidya Balan movie is one of the best thrillers ever to have surfaced from the closets of Bollywood. Vidya Balan was just exceptional and so was the storyline. The mystery only gets deeper and deeper with time and it’s a clinical show altogether but then being way too mysterious it catches us off guard.

5. Ugly

The problem with Anurag Kashyap is that his plots lose the charm in between the journey but this is an exception. Ugly is his finest work till date and it never becomes dull. Ugly does not focus on mystery but rather captures how mysteries and confusion affect people and life.

4. 15 Park Avenue

Rahul Bose and Konkana Sen are brilliant in here. The entire movie is in English and it has been directed by Aparna Sen, the famous Bengali director. There are so many complexities in the movie that characters keep coming in one after the other and their real face gets revealed later.

3. Rain Coat

This movie stars Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai. The plot is very minimalistic, the direction is immaculate and the movie is simple that it is about nothing but conversations. But a lot of things in this movie including the closing shot are ambiguous and they challenge your interpretation.

2. Ship Of Theseus

This is a beautiful plot which revolves around the philosophies of human existence, identity, purpose, and meaning of life. But the movie has some really confusing and open-ended climaxes ever seen.

  1. No Smoking

This is about the rich chain-smoker John Abraham plays. He reluctantly visits a rehabilitation center and that’s where his exploration of mysteries starts. The film has its own share of mysteries.