The action hero of Bollywood, Ajay Devgn has made it big in the Hindi film industry on his own. He is the actual tall, dark and handsome man of Bollywood. Apart from being a brilliant actor, Ajay Devgn is a wonderful producer and director.


Ajay Devgn has worked in around 300 movies till now. First he made his space in the movie by doing action based movies, then he moved towards the comedy movies and nailed it in them as well. Throughout his career, he has given wonderful and memorable performances. He is one of those rare actors who has experimented in every genre of movie and nailed it with his performance.


Ajay Devgn has gained a huge fan following because of his performances and his down to earth nature. Apart from fan following, he has been honored with 2 National awards and 4 Filmfare awards and many other awards as well.

And when we talk about wealth, you can’t even imagine the wealth owned by our very own Singham of Bollywood.

The networth of Ajay Devgn is $32millions.  His wealth has been increased by 60% because of his earnings through movies and advertisements in the last past 5 years.

The total wealth of Ajay Devgn also included his house named, Shiv Shakti, which is a gorgeous bungalow situated in Mumbai.

Apart from his bungalow, he has two apartments in Mumbai as well. He has a personal jet also.

Ajay Devgn bought this jet in the year 2010 and has 6 seats inside it. The jet is used by Ajay Devgn and family for their personal uses.

Apart from Personal jet, as we all know how much Ajay Devgn is crazy for cars, he has a collection of many latest and luxurious cars, including BMW, ferrari, toyota, and many more.

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