Sunil Shetty’s Son Aahan Has Killer Looks And He Will Be Launched By Salman Khan. See Pictures


Sunil Shetty’s Son Aahan Has Killer Looks And He Will Be Launched By Salman Khan: Sunil Shetty is a veteran of Hindi Film Industry and he is one those actors who get fitter and better with age. There is no doubt the good ‘ol Anna has aged like a fine wine and can still give new generation actors a run for their money in style, fitness and attitude.


Earlier this year, Mr. Shetty had announced that his son Aahan Shetty would be soon making his Bollywood debut. He had tweeted: ‘God owes us nothing but gives us everything. Always stay grounded Ahan. Welcome to the beautiful world of films. Always there for you. Papa’.

Sharing a picture with Salman Khan, he added, ‘Can’t help bt think of u al day today as Ahan tks a step fwd in d industry! Ur gentle push & immense encouragement hs gt hm here!Love U Bhai!’


Aahan will be launched by Salman Khan and he couldn’t have asked for a bigger platform than this. Salman is the biggest superstar of the Bollywood presently and his involvement will surely give a big boost to Aahan’s career.

Aahan is a big music lover and he also plays guitar in a band. The 21 year old dashing Shetty has everything it takes to be a Bollywood superstar.

It is being reported that Aahan is being mentored and trained by some of the best experts of the industry as Sunil Shetty doesn’t want to take anything lightly at the start of his son’s career.

Just like his daddy, Aahan Shetty is a fitness freak and works very hard on his body everyday. He also follows a very strict and disciplined diet.

There is a huge excitement among Sunil Shetty fans to see how Aahan looks like and does on the silver screen. wish Aahan Shetty all the best. We also hope that he will add more feathers and glory to his father’s legacy.