These Bollywood Stars Are Much Shorter Than You Think


These Bollywood Stars Are Much Shorter Than You Think: History has given us many names for short men who have done great deeds and have left great imprints on us! This statement goes well with our entertainers as well. The Wikipedia is in need of some authenticating update.

Don’t look at our Bollywood stars height on Wikipedia. Our actors and actresses are not really Smurf Sized but there are a few of them who look tall on screens but are very short in reality. They still carry themselves with class despite not carrying the average height that an actor and actress should have. Here we are with a list of few well known faces:


Asin-  5”1:

After putting on heels, she equals Amir Khan’s height which is 5”4. Imagine, how short she is in reality.

Yami Gautam- 5”4:

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She is neither too tall nor too short but lacks the average height that an actress should have. With heels on, she equals the Shorty Pulkit and Divya.

Chitrangada- 5”4:

We though her to be in the league of leggy lasses, just like Deepika, Katrina and Sonam but no, hats off to her sultry allure that she carries so well despite being short.


Madhuri Dixit- 5”3:

All our life we thought Madhuri to be tall! She is taller than Karishma Kapoor, Urmila Matondkar and Juhi Chawla but no, she is not tall.

Kajol- 5”3:

The bun and the Louboutin even can’t give her the heighjt she wanted. Anjali urf Kajol, Simran urf Kajol, she had won many hearts with her acting skills and we did actually forget about her height. Just 5”3!

Genelia Deshmukh- 5”3:

Dozens of films in Telegu, Tamil and Hindi, we are fond of her.We never realized though that she is very petite.

Sunny Leone- 5”4:

Perfect curves and sexy body, this Indo American still fails by two inches from joining the league of leggy lasses!


Varun Dhawan- 5”6:

The current heartthrob of the nation, the curved macho man is actually short!


Saif Ali Khan- 5”6:

The ‘ Nawab of Bollywood’ is certainly not the ‘ Nawab Of heuight’ but does that matter? He has the ‘Bebo’ of Bollywood standing next to him.

Amir Khan- 5”6:

Known for his outstanding work, his short stature never fell as a hindrance on his way to success. Recipient of four National Awards and Seven Filmfare Awards, you can’t just call him short!